Creativity helps you see expanded possibilities.

Will you dare to go for your big idea and learn to trust your gut feelings?

The Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Course helps you unlock your creative potential. Learn top practices for innovation, ten reasons to cultivate creativity, and how play teaches you how to be creative.

You will experience insightful creative expression, and use an art journal to develop your creativity. Tune into your deeper intuitive self. Take creative leaps, develop your noticing skills and inspire fresh thinking. Learn how to boost creativity with mindfulness and other surprising ways to cultivate imagination.

Unlock Creative Potential

Increase Your Creative Problem-Solving Skills

In this highly experiential creativity course, you will learn proven ways to get unstuck and tools to unlock creative potential. Grow in creative confidence as you inspire new thinking and experience creativity as an inner journey.

Creativity is something you can learn. Learn to see like an artist, generate creative solutions and tame your negative internal voice.

What you will learn in the Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation Course

  • Why Creativity is So Important

    You will learn how creativity helps you see expanded possibilities. As you cultivate creativity, imagination, and innovation, you begin to live a more amplified life. When you connect to the most creative part of you, this inspires fresh thinking and gives you courage to be brave and go for your big ideas.

  • Gain Transformative Insights

    You will use an art journal to develop your creativity. As you create art journal pages, unlocking your creative potential, you will learn surprising ways to expand. As you see the world creatively, you develop your noticing skills and learn proven ways to get unstuck.

  • Meditation Unlocks Creativity

    As you learn to quiet your mind, you give your ego a rest, learn to let yourself play, move past self-judgment and grow in creative confidence. These flow states allow you to generate creative solutions and increase your creative problem-solving skills.

Course curriculum

    1. A message from your instructor

    2. Print and Cut Words for your Art Journal

    1. Welcome!

    2. Module One Workbook

    3. Foundational Definitions

    4. A Fascinating Study About Cultivating Creativity

    5. Why is Creativity so Important?

    6. Obstacles to Creativity

    7. Bibliography and Reference Material PDF

    1. Workbook Module Two

    2. How your brain is built for creativity

    3. Understanding Your Inner Critic

    4. Free your Inner Artist and Tame your Inner Critic

    1. Module Three Workbook

    2. How does Meditation Enhance Creativity, Imagination and Innovation?

    3. What is Meditation?

    4. How to Meditate

    5. When, Where and How Long to Meditate

    6. Which type of meditation is best for you?

    7. More About the Meditations in This Course

    8. 4 Minute Mindful Breathing and Creative Doodling Meditation (Eyes Open)

    9. 5 Minute Connect to Creativity Meditation

    10. 5 Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

    11. 7 Minute Drop Into Stillness Meditation

    12. 9 Minute Creative Affirmation Meditation

    13. 10 Minute Heartwave Meditation

    14. 10 minute downloadable Om So Hum guided meditation

    15. 11 Minute Guided Creativity Meditation

    16. 11 Minute End of Day Gratitude Meditation with Progressive Relaxation

    17. 12 Minute Naming your Emotions Meditation

    18. 15 minute downloadable Om So Hum guided meditation

    19. 18 Minute Creativity Meditation

    20. 20 minute downloadable Om So Hum guided meditation

    1. Workbook Module Four

    2. Brainstorming

    3. Mind-Mapping

    4. Automatic Writing

    5. Creating Vision Board Art Journal Pages

    6. Visualization and Imagination

    7. How to Run a Design Thinking Workshop

    8. Zoom Call; Divergent, Convergent, and Design Thinking

    1. Workbook Module Five

    2. Why Regular Journaling is an Important Creativity Tool

    3. The Six Steps in the Creative Process

    4. How to Use Your Intuition in Creativity, Imagination and Innovation

    5. Originality and Paying Homage to your Inspirational Archetypes

    6. Best Practices in Collecting and Saving your Inspiration

    7. 8 Proven Ways to Overcome Creative Blocks

    8. Why Saying YES is Beneficial for Creativity

    9. The Importance of Risk-Taking

    10. The Importance of Play

    11. Cultivating Innovation

    12. See Like an Artist

    13. Cultivating Curiosity, Attention and Noticing Skills

    14. Elizabeth Gilbert YouTube Video

About this course

  • $497.00
  • 71 lessons
  • 3.5 hours of video content

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The exercises in Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation are designed to help you access more of your potential to create the life you want. If you would like Jane to assist you in boosting creativity with meditation, learning to trust your intuition, daring to go for your big idea, taking creative leaps, or use more of your creative potential, sign up for private coaching here.


  • What will I learn in Creativity, Imagination, and Innovation?

    You will learn why creativity is so important. Tapping into your imagination and innovative self helps you amplify your life. You will learn why the human brain is wired for creativity and how to access the creativity that has always been within you. You will learn to meditate which will unlock your creative potential. You will learn a host of creative problem-solving tools and techniques.

  • What if have never thought of myself as particularly creative?

    Then, I REALLY want you to take the course. Creativity is within everyone. It is a part of being human. Some people feel reluctant to experiment creatively. You will learn that most people peak in their creative genius at 5 years old. You can easily reclaim that creative potential within you — you simply have to be open enough to try. You will even take your class notes in an art journal as one simple way to awaken the creativity within you.

  • Explain more about the relationship between mindfulness and creativity.

    Accessing creativity is an inner journey. When the mind is distracted or under pressure, creativity can be restricted. Mindfulness meditators learn to deeply notice this moment. Not the past or the future. Now. This moment. When you learn to pay mindful attention in meditation, that skill translates beautifully to developing your creativity whether you are a visual artist or doing any other creative activity.