Unleash Your Creativity!

Experience insightful creative expression, tune into your deeper intuitive self, feel the creativity flow.

The Soul Artist Experience 1.0 Tune into your inner wisdom, detach from judgment and find flow through creativity. Learn powerful spiritual, creative practices designed to help you tune in to your own intuition, detach from judgment and enjoy the process of creation. You will create an art journal, connect to your own inner guidance and develop deeper self-knowledge in a fun, nurturing class.

You will learn meditation, breathing and creative practices that help you find the courage to explore, stretch, trust your inner guidance, experiment and take some risks. Use more of your potential to create the life you want. No art or meditation experience required.

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Jane's Overview of the Soul Artist Experience 1.0

Your Soul Artist Experience Course includes:

  • Plan & Prep Checklist

    The Planning and Preparation Checklist helps to ensure that you are all set to get the most out of class.

  • Curated Pre-work

    Learn Art basics by watching three hand-selected YouTube videos before beginning the course to ensure you are set up for success.

  • Course Workbook

    A Workbook containing a summary of each lesson, valuable tips, learning aids, print and cut words and images and more.

  • Audio Meditations

    Recorded easy to follow audio meditations to help you easily establish and maintain your daily practice

  • Class Videos

    Recordings of four one-hour class sessions of easy to follow video modules.

  • Student Community

    A private online community of tribe-mates for connection and inspiration.

  • Instructor Access

    Easy access to Jane Ramsey, the course creator and instructor.

  • Office Hours with Jane

    Zoom calls with Jane Ramsey as needed.

  • Bonus Recordings

    Kirtan and Pranayama recordings.

What You'll Learn

No artistic or meditation experience required.

  • You will learn how to meditate and you will start a beautiful daily meditation practice that will enrich your life and teach you to trust your inner guidance and intuition.

  • You will learn breathing practices (pranayama) that will help you achieve greater relaxation, peace and calmness.

  • You will create an art journal that will be one of your most valued treasures; a safe space for creative expression.

  • You will learn some of Jane's most profound lessons that she learned as she went on her vision quest, becoming exposed to wisdom traditions and spiritual philosophies.

  • You will free your inner artist, give your ego a rest, and learn to let yourself play, experiment and move past self-judgment.

  • You will learn how creativity can take you to a similar place as meditation as you get ‘in the flow’ and tap into a deeper, quieter part of yourself.

  • You will Interact with fellow Soul Artists in a private Facebook group and monthly Zoom calls where we share journal pages, insights and painting tips.

Here's The Course Curriculum

    1. Workbook Module One

    2. Welcome, Prepare to Create

    3. Getting in Flow, Zendoodling, Acrylic Painting Techniques

    4. The Color Wheel, Pranayama, Invite your Inner Artist out to Play

    5. Silencing your Inner Critic

    6. Bibliography

    1. Workbook Module Two

    2. Module Two Heart Breath

    3. Module Two Soul Question Meditation

    4. Module Two Gifts and Talents

    5. Module Two SAE At Your Best

    6. Ten minute guided meditation

    1. Workbook Module Three

    2. What you will Learn, Homework Debrief, Pranayama

    3. Mantra Meditation to Awaken Creativity

    4. Create a Mandala to Kirtan

    5. Body Scan and Chakra Clearing.

    6. Paint to Music.

    7. Create, Learn about Mantras, and Legacy Exercise

    8. Lovingkindness Meditation

    1. Module Four Workbook

    2. What you will learn. Homework Debrief, Bhramari Pranayama, Effortless Creation Meditation

    3. The Principles of the Universe

    4. Imagination Exercise. Be, Do, Have.

    5. "Be Here Now" Mindfulness Meditation, Wrap-Up

    1. Module Five Workbook

    2. What you will learn, Homework Debrief, Nadi Shodhana

    3. Cultivating a Creative Response to Life.

    4. Creativity Wellspring Meditation

    5. Cultivating a Creative Response, Recurring Patterns Exercise

    6. Creative Response to Life Part Two

    7. Full Spectrum Living, Finding Purpose in Life

    8. Course Wrap-Up & What's Next?

    1. 10 minute daily meditation

    2. 15 minute Om So Hum daily meditation

    3. 20 minute daily Om So Hum meditation

About this course

  • $99.00
  • 37 lessons
  • 4.5 hours of video content

Here's What Students Have Created!

Unleash Your Inner Creativity!

Experience playful non-judgmental creative expression, tune into your deeper intuitive self, feel the creativity flow.

Meet Jane Ramsey

Jane spent thirty-six years in corporate life. Upon retirement, Jane embarked on a course of study in philosophy, fitness, health, nutrition, quantum physics, happiness and spirituality.

Certified Meditation Teacher

Jane has been meditating for more than twenty-five years and is a certified meditation teacher by the Chopra Center. She helps clients create a strong daily meditation practice to help them feel more grateful, vital, energetic, peaceful, joyful and to develop great abundance and loving relationships in their lives.

Accomplished Author

Along the way Jane decided to share her spiritual journey with the world in the form of her book VISION QUEST: a journey to happiness in the hope that it would help others to do the same. Her story is inspiring and enlightening.

Inspired Artist

As a part of her journey Jane developed the courage to donate and sell her artwork and has become an avid and accomplished artist (Visit her Etsy shop).

Jane’s quest to get clearer on her purpose in life inspired her to combine creativity with mediation and spirituality and that’s how the Soul Artist Experience was born.

Praise For Jane And Her Work

"Jane has helped me grow and change in ways I didn’t think possible. "

After doing Jane's rich and beautiful course, I realized how limited my thinking was on many things. I see in different ways now, my art is different, my life is different, my Spirituality is deeper and more powerful, and I now understand that my growth is limitless.
Teresa H

"I've learned to allow my creativity to flow."

This Soul Artist Experience course helps me start my day in balance. I have learned to release self judgement and allow my creativity to flow. Every lesson has deepened my spirituality; taught me to appreciate who I am; have more clarity on what I desire in life and given me a more solid belief in myself.
Kathy K

"The Soul Artist Experience has elevated me like no other."

I have taken many meditation classes in my life. This course has elevated my practices and my creative life like no other. Jane puts us at ease as she honors and uplifts what we do and who we are. Jane is a remarkable teacher.
Debbie M

Ready for Greater Creative Expression?

Let Jane guide you to enhanced creativity and deeper connection with your higher self!