Make your third chapter of life vibrant, and engaging.

Feel inspired and energetic; know who you are and how to create the life you want. Continue to learn, evolve and grow. Be a role model of well-being.

The Thriving in Retirement Course helps you feel passionate and connected with life.

Finally, you are done working for and pleasing someone else. Now is the time to go after what YOU want, discover your essential self, and realize your dreams.

Give yourself the permission to achieve more of your potential.

Wake up excited every day. Discover your purpose and clarify the defining thread running through your life that makes it worth living to the fullest.

What You Will Learn

  • How to Thrive in Retirement

    You will explore how to live life to its fullest and be on a path to greater and greater fulfillment as you age; even as you face whatever surprises life has in store; living your dreams, sharing your passions; staying creative and vital.

  • To Deeply Know Yourself

    You will use creativity, meditation, journaling, and purpose-clarifying work to amplify life. You will learn tools and techniques to live a more joyful, resilient life so you can boost confidence and make a bigger impact.

  • To Find Your Joy

    You will deeply consider your unique gifts and talents, and how you are when you are at your best. You will see yourself as choice-maker who creates your life the way you want it to be. You will see the larger story of your life.

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome! How to Navigate the Course

    2. Workbook Module One

    3. Why I Created This Course

    4. Isn't There a Better Term than 'Retirement'?

    5. Take the Retirement Name Survey

    6. Longevity Implications

    7. Phases of Retirement

    8. Interview with Dr. Riley Moynes about his book The Four Phases of Retirement

    9. Bibliography and Reference Material for Thriving in Retirement

    1. Workbook Module Two

    2. Introduction to Purpose

    3. Why Clarify Purpose?

    4. Greater Good Science Center Purpose in Life Quiz

    5. Quiz Results

    6. Extraordinary Achievements for Inspiration

    7. Gifts and Talents

    8. At Your Best

    9. Kindness and Altruism Exercise

    10. Values Exercise

    11. Connection Exercise

    12. Best Possible Future Relationship Exercise

    13. My Legacy Exercise

    14. More on Purpose

    15. Numerology Video

    16. PDF about Numerology and How to Order Free Report

    17. My Legacy Exercise

    1. Workbook Module Three

    2. Introduction to Meditation

    3. What is Meditation?

    4. How to Meditate

    5. When, Where and How Long to Meditate

    6. More About the Meditations in This Course

    7. 5 Minute Positive Affirmations Meditation

    8. 5 Minute Mindful Breathing Meditation

    9. 7 Minute Drop Into Stillness Meditation

    10. 10 minute downloadable Om So Hum guided meditation

    11. 10 Minute Open Your Heart Meditation

    12. 11 Minute End of Day Gratitude Meditation

    13. 12 Minute Naming your Emotions Meditation

    14. 15 minute downloadable Om So Hum guided meditation

    15. 18 Minute Mindfulness Progressive Relaxation

    16. 20 minute downloadable Om So Hum guided meditation

    17. Course Check-In Survey

    1. Introduction to Creativity Module

    2. Workbook Module Four

    3. Free Your Inner Artist

    4. Foundational Definitions

    5. Why is Creativity so Important?

    6. A Fascinating Study About Cultivating Creativity

    7. Obstacles to Creativity

    8. Why Saying YES is Beneficial for Creativity

    9. Why Regular Journaling is an Important Creativity Tool

    10. The Importance of Play

    11. The Importance of Risk-Taking

    12. Seeing Like an Artist

    13. Cultivating Curiosity, Attention and Noticing Skills

    1. Workbook - Module Five

    2. Intro to Where to Live

    3. Jane's Retirement City Comparison Spreadsheet

    4. Top Ten Best Places to Retire in the World

    5. Best Countries to Retire Comfortably

    6. Reasons NOT TO Retire to....

    7. Astrocartography

    8. Retirement (55+) Communities

    9. Decluttering Tips

    10. Paper Decluttering

    1. Workbook - Module Six

    2. Introduction

    3. Practice Random Acts of Kindness

    4. Cultivating Optimism

    5. Hedonic Adaptation

    6. 75 Year Longitudinal Harvard Study

    7. Money and Happiness

    8. YouTube Video about Impact Bias and Synthetic Happiness by Dan Gilbert

    9. YouTube Video Want to be Happy? Be Grateful | David Steindl-Rast

About this course

  • $1,500.00
  • 100 lessons
  • 5.5 hours of video content


  • What will I learn in the Thriving in Retirement course?

    You will learn what makes you unique and what inspires you. That sharing your gifts with the world and living your purpose are ingredients for thriving in life. That you can make life fulfilling through all the years to come in every phase and stage. You will use creativity, meditation, journaling, and purpose-clarifying work to amplify life. You will learn tools and techniques to live a more joyful, resilient life so you can boost your confidence and make a bigger impact.

  • Why is creativity part of the course?

    A creative life is an amplified life, Creativity is within everyone. It is a part of being human. Some people feel reluctant to experiment creatively, but when you open up to self-expression life becomes exciting. You will learn that most people peak in their creative genius at 5 years old. You can easily reclaim that creative potential within you — you simply have to be open enough to try. You will even take your class notes in an art journal as one simple way to awaken the creativity within you.

  • Why is meditation part of the course?

    Learning to thrive is an inner journey. When the mind is distracted or under pressure, expansive thinking can be restricted. Mindfulness meditators learn to deeply notice this moment. Not the past or the future. Now. This moment. When you learn to pay mindful attention in meditation, that skill gives you the ability for creativity, self-expression, inner work and transformation.